Data processing solutions

Our data team looks at every record in your data as an individual, and manually check the file content and decide what data can be cleansed manually and/or automatically using state of the art software.

Data Tools

We can cleanse your data using bespoke off the shelf systems and carry out a FREE data audit for you at no extra cost, this process can identify the following.Identify duplicates within data:

Correct text casing (upper/lower case conversion)
Build salutations
Generate prefixes based on forenames
Search for bad characters
Remove keying errors
Supress goneaways, deceased, national change of address
Run data from TPS or MPS
Supress data catagories or in-house files
Correct address fields
Geographic profiling and segmentation
Merging multiple data files
Barcode generation for swift data captures of responses
PAF validation for address accuracy

There are no limitations to our data processing capabilities – you will benefit for internally developed systems and programmes.


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