Direct Mail Solutions

We have a range of equipment and processes to fit your requirements, whether you are mailing 100 items up to 250000 items and more. From folding documents to machine enclosing, polythene wrapping to complex hand assembly, we can help you produce high quality mailing packs efficiently and cost effectively

Machine Enclosing

We have direct mail enclosing lines to insure you receive fast, efficient and cost effective solutions. We can enclose any size of machinable envelopes, up to 6 items. We have the technology to assist you with typical direct mail campaigns including transactional document enclosing.

Hand Enclosing

Mailing packs are becoming more complex and creative due to businesses striving to attract attention. It is not always possible to machine enclose these packs, however our highly skilled production can enclose sachets, pens, stickers, folders, books and sample products.

Polythene Wrapping

We polywrap up to 6 items ranging from A6 to A3 in size, including online inkjet addressing. We also nest items into a brochure or magazine if required. Our polywrapping line will produce your direct mail to the highest quality ensuring a cost effective approach.


It doesn’t have to be expensive, we work with you to bring you the complete solution, we can also reduce man power and resources without compromising our quality and level of service. Literature, product storage and event orders can be fulfilled for you via telephone, email or web responses, these will be despatched using the most cost effective method with a pool of postage providers and courier services.

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